Why a Skin Health Consultation is Essential?

Taking care of your skin is essential to feeling and looking your best. Many of us use skincare products without really understanding our skin type and what’s best for it. That’s why having an in-depth consultation with a professional can be very beneficial and help you better understand what’s going on with your skin, as well as determine the best plan for taking care of it. Being a Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner my goals are to formulate the very best structure for you in terms of treatment in clinic, homecare plan and lifestyle recommendations that will assist you in meeting your skin health goals. Having a full bodied intake and consultation allows me to connect to each individual clients needs and create a foundation by which I can serve them best.

What Happens During a Skin Health Consultation?

During a skin health consultation, you will receive an in depth look at your history and your unique skin and recommend the best routine to maintain or improve its health. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about certain areas of your skin, such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, or dryness. Healthy skin is an inside out job so assessing lifestyle is an essential part of successful skincare. I take into consideration medical history, allergies, inflammatory markers and use skin mapping to customize a skincare regimen for you. I provide personalized advice on how to keep up with regular maintenance procedures for home care and treatment. Because Nutritional Aesthetics is the focus of this practice wellness support and lifestyle recommendations are a large part of the consultation. Whole body wellness needs to be addressed in order to achieve skincare goals.

The Benefits of Having A Skin Health Consultation

Having an in-depth consultation with an experienced professional is the cornerstone of a successful working relationship. As a licensed and nationally certified esthetician I have an extensive bio filled with education in the field of skin health and wellness. While I have worked in many parts of the industry including dermatology and destination spas my practice is built on an extensive educational background, certifications and research in the field. I have been in practice for over 20 years and have a deep dedication to my clients and the service I provide. While I am passionate about the clinical experience that you will have in my practice I also dedicate my time to offering a full body treatment to address all the aspects of clients needs holistically and energetically. Treatments and protocols are custom curated by me and crafted to create an experience that transcends skincare. My mission is to support wellness and wellbeing beyond the skin for optimal and long term success in skin health and wellness. The benefit to you is that my commitment to all of these aspects allows me to guide you in the best direction for your success. My practice is for those seeking a relationship with a practitioner that can assist them in educated and expert skincare advice along with wellness support.

Consultations can be scheduled in person or virtual. Reserve your session today!