Let’s talk about a skin routine.

This really should be basic for most people.

Now it depends are what your overall commitment has been for your skincare routine to see how involved your products should be.


If you currently have NO routine, never had a routine, or are using body soap to wash and whatever type of lotion you have- then you would be a level one client with me.

So for the sake of not having a personal prescription facial and a full analyzation with me you can begin to determine what your needs are with the info I am providing.

Those you with established routines be a level higher in terms of treatment because you are currently a skincare client with my practice or maybe you are working with someone else or simply you have been following a consistent basic home care plan that fits with what I will be describing to you as a level one client. So the refresher is good but you may be using more products and we will address that after.

I will be also doing some videos that will explain our Circadia line in detail for each product and its properties so that you have a deeper understanding of what we offer. For those of you that are my clients you may be familiar with this Line already but you may also be transitioning still and so you will be able to see the products and how they will benefit your skin.

So starting a Level One- Basic home care routine is essential.

Skin routine really needs to be done every evening (at the end of your day) whatever that looks like.

As the sun goes down the bodies biology shifts into metabolic repair- this is an essential amount of hours to serve you skin in repairing the impact of defense during the day. Going to bed without cleaning and removing dirt, debris, and environmental toxins leaves extra work for your repair function.

It’s sort of like leaving debris and things out all over the house when the cleaning person comes. If they come for two hours and they have to pick up all your things first then that obviously eats into the time they may have to actually do the cleaning.

So the first thing we want to do is clean. Make this happen every day at the “end of your day” whatever that is for you but it will set your skin up for optimal repair during your sleep cycle at night.


1) Remove makeup

You can do this in a few ways. Use a makeup remover cloth- I recommend the cloth ones. I carry a brand that I have privately labeled for my clients. Its a soft cloth the requires no cleansers, or removers and will essentially remove all of your makeup including eye makeup. These can actually be thrown in the wash with your regular clothes load and reused many times over which is awesome.

You can remove makeup with certain cleansers. Not all cleansers are meant for this purpose as a matter of fact most are not. Generally speaking you will find that oil cleansers do function for both but it will depend on what you are using. The Vitamin veil Cleanser that we use is meant for both.


2) Toner/ functional mist

Now this is a fun topic because often times people don’t think they need to use a toner. Some people hear the word toner and they are remembering the days of sea breeze toner and other oil stripping products like that that probably stung or dried everything out. Professional toners serve a great function for the skin and should not be overlooked. First thing is that they should assist in balancing the PH of the skin which is essential. Functional mists which are very different than toners of the past really can replace vital nutrients back into the skin or provide a function to assist in your skincare results if you are trying to tame oil or handle hyperpigmentation. We carry functional mists and can assist you in determining which one would be good for your skin if you are missing this piece and want to add it.

3) Last step is really ending with a moisturizer

This is essential to bringing repair ingredients into your skin to assist in repair for the 6-8 hours of sleep (hopefully you are getting). This product should be appropriate for your skin and also meant for evening repair. Your day lotion with spf is not going to cut it although if your choice is between that and hand lotion then please go with the day cream.

Day Routine

  1. Cool water rinse
  2. Functional Mist
  3. Day lotion with SPF- seriously -make sure you have SPF in there!

Notice I did not include washing in the morning. I really reserve that for those that are battling skin conditions that need a more medicated routine such as acne or rosacea.

Now if you are supplied at home with the products that can support a level one routine then get started!

If you do not then we can arrange a virtual consultation to assist you in filling in the gaps and also asses what you have and if it is formulated for your skin type.

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Stay Healthy and Be Beautiful!

Tara Swagger