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New Client Skin Health Mapping Session

“Personalized Skin Consultation: Create Your Perfect Homecare Plan!

Achieve your desired skin health with our comprehensive consultation service. Our experienced specialists will assess your skin type and concerns to create a tailored homecare plan just for you. Fill out our forms online before your appointment for a seamless experience. Our goal is to not only address your skin concerns, but also support your overall wellness. Please note, this service does not include any treatments.

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Skin Health Review

Skin Health Follow-Up: This appointment is designed to review the recommendations for improving your skin health that were established during your Skin Mapping consultation

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Signature Face Ritual

Experience our Signature Facial treatment, designed to effectively address any skin conditions or aging concerns. This service includes a personalized Peel treatment to improve skin texture and product absorption. Complete your experience with a customized mask treatment, expertly chosen to target your specific skin health needs.

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Holistic Face Ritual

Experience our rejuvenating Holistic Face Ritual, tailored to your unique skin concerns. This luxurious treatment begins with a customized exfoliation using gentle peel technology, followed by the application of personalized active solutions to target your specific needs. Indulge in massage techniques that incorporate lymphatic drainage and the ancient Ayurvedic practice of Marma point restoration, restoring balance and detoxifying your skin. Next, nourish your skin with our custom layered serums and deeply penetrating Custom Hydrating Jelly mask. Finally, bask in the relaxation of a custom skin health facial massage, designed to promote lymphatic drainage and balance.

For All Skin Types.

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Glow & Flow Face Ritual

Revitalize your skin with our Glow and Flow Face ritual. This personalized facial peel treatment includes custom active ingredients tailored to your unique skin type. Experience the balancing effects of our quantum energy attunement therapy, which restores harmony to the body’s energy centers. Facial cupping and lymphatic flow treatment naturally eliminates toxins, while a rejuvenating facial and scalp massage soothes tension in the tissues. Our hot herbal towel massage promotes relaxation in the face and neck, and our use of nourishing natural oils will leave your skin feeling supple, refreshed, and glowing.

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Nano Vitamin Infusion Treatment

Indulge in our Nano Vitamin Infusion Treatment, a cutting-edge facial that utilizes potent Vitamin A in Retinaldyhyde form producing 30 days of collagen. This powerful ingredient serves as a DNA repair treatment, promoting healthy skin cell turnover and dermal rejuvenation. Our advanced technology creates micro channels to ensure optimal absorption of active ingredients. Each step of this treatment is tailored to address your specific skin concerns, and also includes red light therapy for collagen production. Experience the benefits of this treatment every 4 weeks with no downtime.

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Quantum Energy Face & Body Ritual

The Quantum Energy Face and Body Ritual is a complete rejuvenating treatment for your mind, body, and skin. This treatment combines the power of skincare with quantum energy therapy to deeply relax the body and revitalize the face. This ritual includes a personalized peel treatment and herbal face and neck mask, as well as a full body energy flow therapy and lymphatic facial treatment. You will also enjoy a deep tissue massage on the face, neck, and scalp, incorporating the use of facial reflexology, cupping, and crystal therapy for a nourishing and balancing effect on the skin. This holistic experience promotes overall well-being and maximizes skin health and energy balance throughout the entire body.

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