It seems like everyone always say “we’ll it is that time of year” I was recently just saying that about bangs. I am certain you can wear bangs year round but I feel like it when “it’s that time of year”. Any way we are always hectic around the holidays and I always seem to bite off more than I can chew. I chew it, just not enough. It’s the swallow that always gets me. I just finished making all the chocolate covered pretzels to sell at the church bazaar only to continue the process for holiday gifts. In the meantime there of course is all the regular stuff. Working, being a part time stay at home mother, wifeing, breathing, shopping, cleaning (my kitchen is always a mess) laundry, cooking, yeah you know the list goes on. I am not alone in this craziness. I do however notice that the adjustment to having my beautiful son has really added a whole new meaning to busy. Thank god for my awesome calendar on my iPhone.

If you don’t already know me you may not be aware of my obsession to raise my children with a clean eating and lifestyle free (as free as can be) of toxins. I can’t really rant about this right know but you will see me pepper it in a lot. Digestible tidbits I feel necessary to share. I believe fully that if people truly knew what was happening around them they would be on my team.

Anyway to all the moms out there. There are some really beautiful veggies in the store right now (whole foods anyway, maybe your local co op) organic aways of course. I hope you are making these wonderful treats for your babies or children.

Here is a beautiful bunch of beet greens that I gently sautéed and then blended for baby food.


I do have a vitamix blender which is an amazing tool for the kitchen. Blendtec is great too and I know a few people who have a ninja and they love that too. Blend away and you have a nutrient dense meal that they could never get from store bought baby food. Sautée them with garlic and evoo and eat them yourself!


Butternut squash today too! This is from my grandmothers garden. It get cured well then keeps through the winter. Fresh and organic. What could be better for my baby. I love butternut and I seem to make it more for Harvey than myself lately. I just bake this face down on a tray, then scrape the sweet flesh and blend in the blender for a sweet treat.

Why buy this in a jar? It is so easy and fresh done yourself. If I have extra I put it in small mason jars and then put in the freezer. I am so grateful my sweet heart gets just healthy brain building foods!

Baby photo